Top Choice Tapas in Málaga

El Mesón de Cervantes

Cervantes started as a humble tapas bar run by expat Argentinian Gabriel Spatz (the original bar is still operating around the corner), but has expanded into plush spacious digs with an open kitchen, fantastic famil…
Top Choice Fusion in Málaga


Located at the city's contemporary art museum with white-on-white minimalist decor, Óleo provides diners with the unusual choice of Mediterranean or Asian food with some subtle combinations such as duck breast with …
Cafe in Málaga

Café Central

Come here for your morning tomato on toast, best enjoyed alfresco so that you can admire Málaga's main pedestrianised square as it shrugs off the previous night's hangover.
Cafe in Málaga

Café Lepanto

Old-fashioned pastry shop and cafe on pedestrianised Calle Marqués de Larios with bow-toed waiters and fancy glass display cases. As Málaga’s poshest confitería (sweet shop), Lepanto serves up a whole host of delica…
Tapas in Málaga


A popular upmarket tapas bar with pavement tables and an interior full of wine-barrel tables and stools, Gorki serves tangy cheeses and an extensive list of Spanish wines. Try the belly-warming alubias con cordoniz …
Tapas in Málaga

La Rebaná

A great, noisy and central tapas bar. The dark wood-clad interior (with its wrought-iron gallery) creates an inviting ambience. Goat's cheese with cherries, foie gras and cured meats are among the offerings.
Tapas in Málaga

Pepa y Pepe

A snug tapas bar where you 'perch' rather than sit at a table (if you're lucky enough to get one), Pepa y Pepe is the place to come for straightforward tapas such as calamares fritos (battered squid) and fried green…
Cafe in Málaga

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda is in a narrow alleyway next to the market and, since 1932, has been the place in town to enjoy chocolate and churros (tubular-shaped doughnuts). The cafe has taken over the whole street with several out…
Tapas in Málaga

El Piyayo

A popular traditionally tiled bar and restaurant, famed for its pescaitos fritos (fried fish) and typical local tapas, including wedges of crumbly Manchego cheese, the ideal accompaniment to a glass of hearty Rioja …
International in Málaga

Vino Mio

This Dutch-owned restaurant has a diverse menu that includes dishes such as kangaroo steaks, vegetable stir-fries and duck breast with sweet chilli, that hit the mark, most of the time. International tapas, like hum…