Málaga restaurants

Top Choice Tapas in Málaga

El Mesón de Cervantes

Cervantes started as a humble tapas bar run by expat Argentine Gabriel Spatz, but has now expanded into four bar-restaurants (each with a slightly different bent), all within a block of each other. This one is the H…
Top Choice Fusion in Málaga


Located at the city's Centro de Arte Contemporáneo with white-on-white minimalist decor, Óleo provides diners with the unusual choice of Mediterranean or Asian food, with some subtle combinations such as duck breast…
Cafe in Málaga

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda is in a narrow alleyway next to the market and, since 1932, has been the place in town to enjoy chocolate and churros (tubular-shaped doughnuts). The cafe has taken over the whole street, with several ou…
Breakfast in Málaga


Set on Málaga’s scruffy but increasingly trendy Calle Carretería, Brunchit, despite the name, is open all day ready to serve freshly made sandwiches, melt-in-your-mouth cakes, pizzas you'll want to order on sight an…
Tapas in Málaga

Uvedoble Taberna

A newish tapas bar that draws on old traditions, this is a boisterous, crowded place that evokes the tiled taverns of yore – but you’re more likely to see modern art than dog-eared bullfighting posters on its walls.…
Tapas in Málaga

Tapeo de Cervantes

The original Cervantes bar-restaurant (there are now four) is a little more boisterous and crowded than the Mesón around the corner, although the menu is almost identical – ie the best in the city.
Cafe in Málaga

Dulces Dreams Cafeteria

Located in an intimate traffic-free square, one of Málaga's great breakfast spots offers muesli, fruit juice, coffee, and tomato on toast. You might throw all your health commitments aside when you come back for an …
Breakfast in Málaga


With its purposefully aged wood, mismatched furniture, and bearded young men, uber-hip Noviembre offers excellent breakfast choices made with organic eggs, and the Big Apple burger provides a good lunch filler. The …
Bakery in Málaga

Julia Bakery

It’s hard to imagine there’s a better bakery in Málaga than Julia’s. Fresh bread, flaky scones and strong coffee form a holy breakfast trinity. You can sit down and eat or take it away.
Seafood in Málaga

El Balneario de los Baños del Carmen

El Balneario is a wonderful place to sit outside on a balmy evening and share a plate of prawns or grilled sardines, along with some long, cold beverages. Built in 1918 to cater to Málaga's bourgeoisie, it's rekindl…