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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

This boutique has to be seen to be believed, with pinks, yellows and oranges everywhere you turn. It’s fun and exuberant, but not just for kids. It also has serious and highly original fashion. Agatha Ruiz de la Pra…
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Oriol Balaguer

Catalan pastry chef Oriol Balaguer has a formidable CV – he's worked in the kitchens of Ferran Adrià in Catalonia, won the prize for the World’s Best Dessert (the ‘Seven Textures of Chocolate’) and his croissants on…
Food & Drinks in Salamanca

Mantequería Bravo

Behind the attractive old facade lies a connoisseur’s paradise, filled with local cheeses, sausages, wines and coffees. The products here are great for a gift, but everything’s so good that you won’t want to share. …
Food & Drinks in Salamanca

Bombonerías Santa

If your style is as refined as your palate, the exquisite chocolates in this tiny shop will satisfy. The packaging is every bit as pretty as the bombones (chocolates) within, but they’re not cheap – count on paying …
Shoes in Salamanca

Manolo Blahnik

Nothing to wear to the Oscars? Do what many Hollywood celebrities do and head for Manolo Blahnik. The showroom is exclusive and each shoe is displayed like a work of art.
Fashion & Accessories in Salamanca

Ekseption & Eks

This elegant showroom store consistently leads the way with the latest trends, spanning catwalk designs alongside a look that is more informal, though always sophisticated. The unifying theme is urban chic and its l…
Shoes in Salamanca


Spanish fashion is not all haute couture, and this world-famous cool and quirky shoe brand from Mallorca offers bowling-shoe chic with colourful, fun designs that are all about quality coupled with comfort. There ar…
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Multipurpose lifestyle stores were late in coming to Madrid, but they’re now all the rage and there’s none more stylish than Isolée, which has outlasted them all. It sells a select range of everything from clothes a…
Fashion & Accessories in Salamanca


Born in 1846 in Madrid, Loewe is arguably Spain’s signature line in high-end fashion. Classy handbags and accessories are the mainstays and prices can be jaw-droppingly high, but it’s worth stopping by here, even if…
Fashion & Accessories in Salamanca

Purificación García

Fashions may come and go but Puri consistently manages to keep ahead of the pack. Her signature style for men and women is elegant and mature designs that are just as at home in the workplace as at a wedding.