Flamenco in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Las Tablas

Las Tablas has a reputation for quality flamenco and reasonable prices; it's among the best choices in town. Most nights you’ll see a classic flamenco show, with plenty of throaty singing and soul-baring dancing. An…
Flamenco in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Las Carboneras

Like most of the tablaos (flamenco venues) around town, this place sees far more tourists than locals, but the quality is nonetheless excellent. It’s not the place for gritty, soul-moving spontaneity, but it’s still…
Flamenco in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Café de Chinitas

One of the most distinguished tablaos (flamenco venues) in Madrid, drawing in everyone from the Spanish royal family to Bill Clinton, Café de Chinitas has an elegant setting and top-notch performers. It may attract …
Opera in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Teatro Real

After spending over €100 million on a long rebuilding project, the Teatro Real is as technologically advanced as any venue in Europe, and is the city’s grandest stage for elaborate operas, ballets and classical musi…
Jazz in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Café Berlin

El Berlín has been something of a Madrid jazz stalwart since the 1950s, although a makeover has brought flamenco (Wednesday is a flamenco jam session), R&B, soul, funk and fusion into the mix. Headline acts play…
Flamenco in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Torres Bermejas

For decades this was the Madrid stage for flamenco legend Camarón de la Isla, and after a drop in quality for a few years, it's once again a good place to see flamenco. The atmosphere is aided by the extravagantly t…
Live Music in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

La Coquette Blues

Madrid's best blues bar has been around since the 1980s and its 8pm Sunday jam session is legendary. Live acts perform Tuesday to Thursday at 10.30pm and the atmosphere is very cool at any time.
Cinema in Plaza Mayor & Royal Madrid

Cinesa Capitol

One of the stalwarts of the Madrid cinema scene where you can expect Hollywood more than art house.