Los Vélez attractions

Cave in Los Vélez

Cueva de los Letreros

Of the several Unesco-protected cave-painting locations in the area, this Stone Age ceremonial site is the star. The reddish drawings, made before 5500 BC, show animals, a large horned figure dubbed El Hechicero (Th…
Castle in Los Vélez

Castillo de Vélez Blanco

The Disneyesque castle rising on a pinnacle high above Vélez Blanco's tiled roofs confronts the great sphinx-like butte La Muela (The Molar Tooth) across the valley as if in a bizarre duel. From the outside, the 16t…
Gardens in Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez

Jardín Botánico Umbría de la Virgen

Just west of the tiny upland town of María, off the A317, this 40-hectare botanical garden highlights the unique flora of the Sierra de María area and the Altiplano of Granada. Once done in the garden you can take t…