Los Caños de Meca attractions

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Los Caños de Meca

Parque Natural de la Breña y Marismas del Barbate

This 50-sq-km coastal park protects important marshes, cliffs and pine forest from Costa del Sol–type development. Its main entry point is a 7.2km (two-hour) walking trail, the Sendero del Acantilado, between Los Ca…
Lighthouse in Los Caños de Meca

Cabo de Trafalgar

At the western end of Los Caños de Meca, a side road (often half-covered in sand) leads out to an 1860 lighthouse on a low spit of land. This is the famous Cabo de Trafalgar, off which Spanish naval power was swiftl…
Tower in Los Caños de Meca

Torre del Tajo

Poised above the Atlantic, with a peaceful lookout point, this 16th-century tower is the highlight of the spectacular, 7.2km Sendero del Acantilado, which tracks along the cliffs between Barbate and Los Caños de Mec…
Beach in Los Caños de Meca

El Palmar

About 7km northwest of Los Caños, lovely, long El Palmar beach has Andalucía's best board-surfing waves from about October to May. In summer it's busy with surf schools, beach bars, horse riding, yoga and plenty mor…
Beach in Los Caños de Meca

Playa Los Caños de Meca

Los Caños' main beach, ideal for watching skilled international kitesurfers at work, is straight in front of Avenida de Trafalgar’s junction with the A2233 to Barbate. Nudist beach-goers head to its eastern end.
Beach in Los Caños de Meca

Playa de las Cortinas

Nudist beach-goers seek out secluded coves like this one at the eastern end of Los Caños' main beach.
Beach in Los Caños de Meca

Playa del Faro

Popular with nudists, this bleach-blonde beach sits immediately east of the Cabo de Trafalgar.
Beach in Los Caños de Meca

Playa de Zahora

Zahora's broad, blonde beauty of a silky beach spreads northwest from Los Caños de Meca.