Los Cancajos activities, tickets and more

Water Sports

Try Scuba Diving in La Palma

Learn to Scuba dive and discover a new world. A comprehensive instructor leads you through an amazing underwater experience. You will float in the middle of the ocean and be surrounded by lots of colourful fishes - let your scuba diving adventure start today.
3 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Introduction dive in the sea

Introduction dive in the seaEnjoy the fascinating underwater world without having a diving license. Together with an experienced dive instructor you can descent in the atlantic ocean, being neutral bouyanced and observing fishes. Start your adventure now.
4 hours
Water Sports

Snorkeling tour along the coast

Snorkeling tour along the coast of La Palma.The easiest way to discover the beautiful underwater world is snorkeling in small bays. You just need sweaming dress, a mask, snorkel and fins....ready to start. Discover our fascinating underwater lava world, observing colorful fishes.
4 hours
Walking & Biking Tours

E-bike Course for Newcomers

Why do not use the best time of the year to get into eBiking? Experience bicycling with electric tailwind on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Get to know the individual eBike components, learn more about the right driving technique, make a test round on the eBike of your choice and put something experienced into practice. At the end of the workshop, enjoy the view down to Los Cancajos and the neighboring Canary Islands on a 5 km trip.
1.5 hours