Correos, the Spanish postal system, is generally reliable, if a little slow at times.

Postal Rates & Services

  • Sellos (stamps) are sold at most estancos (tobacconists; look for ‘Tabacos’ in yellow letters on a maroon background), as well as at post offices.
  • A postcard or letter weighing up to 20g costs €1.25 from Spain to other European countries, and €1.35 to the rest of the world.
  • For a full list of prices for certificado (certified) and urgente (express post), go to and click on ‘Tarifas'.

Sending Mail

Delivery times are erratic but ordinary mail to other Western European countries can take up to a week (although often as little as three days); to North America up to 10 days; and to Australia or New Zealand between 10 days and three weeks.