Top Choice Food in León

La Casa de los Quesos

Cheese lovers will want to make a stop at this place that's been selling local cheeses since 1944 – you'll find every imaginable variety, with plenty of regional choices.
Books in León


A fine little travel bookshop, with regional hiking maps.
Arts & Crafts in León

El Escribano

Some lovely etchings and reproductions of medieval art are among the many attractions of this classy shop.
Food & Drinks in León

La Despensa de Fer

One of the better delicatessens around town, selling much-praised cured meats (including cecina, one that's typical of the region), cheeses and, unusually, some local craft beers.
Books in León


This gorgeous shop and workshop sells leather-bound books, fountain pens and other handcrafted stationery. They also do their own book-binding.