Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in detail

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Plain Sailing

In the 1880s, when Puerto de la Luz (Las Palmas) was developing as a port, merchant and passenger ships had to moor some way from the docks. A quasi-yacht/rowing boat was developed to ferry people and goods from ship to shore.

Like any business, these little botes (boats) suffered both busy and slack periods. During idler moments, their captains and crews cooked up regattas in the port area. This idea, born to ease the boredom of the long days before social media, eventually developed into a regular competition, and the tradition continues in a sport known as Vela Latina Canaria.

You can catch these curious craft in action on Saturday (usually from 5pm) and Sunday (around noon) from April to October. Crewed by eight to 12 people, each boat represents a district of Las Palmas.

Apart from the odd appearance of the participating vessels, the race itself is delightfully eccentric in that competitors race only en bolina (against the wind), but in such a way as to get maximum power from it. The fact that the prevailing wind remains pretty much the same off the east coast of Gran Canaria makes it the ideal spot for such races. The botes start at Playa de la Laja, a few kilometres south of the southern suburbs of Las Palmas, and finish at Playa de Alcaravaneras. Check out for more.