Cultural in Logroño

Fiesta de San Mateo

Logroño’s week-long Fiesta de San Mateo starts on the Saturday before 21 September and doubles as a harvest festival, during which all of La Rioja comes to town to watch the grape-crushing ceremonies in the Espolón …
Wine in Haro

Batalla del Vino

The otherwise mild-mannered citizens of Haro go temporarily berserk during the Batalla del Vino, squirting and chucking wine all over each other in the name of San Juan, San Felices and San Pedro. Plenty of it goes …
Feast Day in Logroño

Feast of San Bernabé

The Feast of San Bernabé commemorates the French siege of Logroño in 1521 with food and wine tasting, traditional concerts, fireworks and a re-enactment of the medieval battle.
Cultural in Logroño


A program of cultural, musical and artistic events held in the first week of January.