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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in La Orotava


Housed in a former 17th-century convent, this museum shop sells a superb range of Ibero-American art and crafts, mainly from Central and South America. Ornaments and T-shirts from Mexico, Peruvian knitwear and nativ…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in La Orotava

Canarias Concept

As the name implies, Canarias Concept sells solely Canarian-made crafts and products. It has a large showroom packed with jewellery, ceramics, artwork, handmade toys, ornaments, glazed tiles, soap, scarves and T-shi…
Food & Drinks in La Orotava

Depatanegra Ibericos

Carries a superb range of Spanish hams, including the highly desired jamón iberico de bellota, made from acorn-fed black pigs. Expect to pay around €16.50 per 100g. Hams are sold sliced up and vacuum-packed for easy…
Arts & Crafts in La Orotava

Casa Torrehermosa

Tenerife’s excellent art-and-crafts chain Artenerife has its local outlet in this magnificent 17th-mansion. Casa Torrehermosa provides a fitting setting for the display of locally produced artwork, pottery, jeweller…
Fashion & Accessories in La Orotava


The women's fashions here are sharp, sassy and inexpensive, with an emphasis on informal designs, colourful prints and natural fabrics. The regular sales ensure that nothing hangs around for too long.