Worth a Trip: Hiking with Goblins

Travel between La Orotava and the Teide massif and around the halfway mark you pass through the little village of Aguamansa. Just beyond this village, and a little higher up the mountain slopes, the road passes a number of parking areas away from which radiate an array of brilliantly marked walking trials. The walking here is really easy with only gentle inclines and short distances to cover (although it’s simple to join routes up and create much longer walks) and is perfect for gentle family strolling. Most of the routes twist in and out of fantastic laurel forests that are like something out of a children’s fantasy story; so dense is the forest that if ever fairies, elves and goblins had a home in Europe then it must surely have been here. In other areas the laurel forests are replaced with magnificent strands of ancient pine trees with girths so thick it would take two or three grown men to encircle them with their arms.

Each parking area has a signboard explaining the different routes leading away from it.