Top Choice Museum in Hermigua

Museo Etnográfico

Housed in a handsome historical building, this two-storey museum covers the island's natural resources and ecosystems in exhibits that include fishing, forestry, agriculture and farming. There are also sections on c…
Top Choice Museum in San Sebastián de la Gomera

Casa de Colón

This simple house is built on the site where Columbus supposedly stayed while on the island, and today it houses a small museum; the highlight of which is the gallery of stunning pottery from the Chimú tribes who li…
Fort in San Sebastián de la Gomera

Torre del Conde

Set in a lush subtropical park, Torre del Conde is considered the Canary Islands’ most important example of military architecture and today is home to a historical exhibition that includes La Gomera maps dating from…
Museum in San Sebastián de la Gomera

Casa de la Aguada

Just off Plaza Constitución, this place is also referred to as Casa de la Aduana and Casa Condal, since at different times it served as the customs house and the count’s residence. Closed for refurbishment at resear…
Church in San Sebastián de la Gomera

Iglesia de la Virgen de la Asunción

This is the site where Columbus and his men supposedly came to pray before setting off for the New World. The original chapel was begun in 1450 but was destroyed by a fire. The 18th-century church here today is cons…
Museum in Hermigua

Museo de Gofio

This is a reconstructed windmill where gofio (roasted grain used in place of bread in Canarian cuisine) was once ground. The tour takes in the museum, which concentrates on the local rural lifestyle and customs, as …
Church in Hermigua

Iglesia de la Encarnación

This church dates back to the 17th century but was not completed until the 20th, partly due to the fact that the original construction crumbled in the early 18th century. Take a look at the adjacent public park, com…
Museum in San Sebastián de la Gomera

Museo Arqueológico de la Gomera

Inside a typical gomeran town house, this small museum showcases both the island’s Guanche past and its present-day culture. Displays reveal Guanche day-to-day life and their social, political and religious structur…
Church in Hermigua

Church & Convent of Santo Domingo

At the heart of Hermigua's original village, to the right as you enter from San Sebastián, lies this 16th-century church and convent, with an intricately carved Mudéjar (Islamic-style architecture) ceiling.
Beach in Playa Santiago

Playa Santiago

At Playa Santiago, splashing in the waves, rambling along the rocky shore and marvelling over the peaceful ocean view is likely to take up most of your time.