Jaén attractions

Top Choice Castle in Jaén

Castillo de Santa Catalina

High above the city, atop cliff-girt Cerro de Santa Catalina, this fortress's near-impregnable position is what made Jaén important during the Muslim and early Reconquista centuries. At the end of the ridge stands a…
Top Choice Cathedral in Jaén

Catedral de la Asunción

Jaén's massive cathedral still dwarfs the rest of the city, especially when seen from the hilltop eyrie of Cerro de Santa Catalina. Its construction lasted from 1540 to 1724, replacing a crumbling Gothic cathedral w…
Bathhouse in Jaén

Palacio de Villardompardo

This Renaissance palace houses one of the most intriguing collections of historical, archaeological and artistic exhibits found under one roof in Andalucía: the beautiful 11th-century Baños Árabes, one of the larges…
Architecture in Jaén

Palacio del Condestable Iranzo

This much altered 15th-century palace now houses the city culture department and a library, but it's worth finding your way to the Salón del Condestable inside to see its colourful original artesonado (latticed wood…
Architecture in Jaén

Arco de San Lorenzo

This arch spanning an old-city street has survived from medieval times.