Despite its rave-all-night reputation and ultraromantic couples-oriented hotels, Ibiza is actually a wonderful destination for families. Granted, the island isn't packed with sights specifically designed to entertain little ones, but there are plenty of sheltered beaches, shallow waters, quiet villages, family-friendly hotels and restaurants to satisfy all kinds of tastes, plus the wonders of Dalt Vila to explore – everything you need for a family holiday. Lonely Planet's Travel With Children is an excellent family-travel resource.


  • You're likely to be able to find everything you need, including disposable nappies (pañales) at pharmacies and supermarkets on Ibiza, though it's worth bringing any particular brands or products that you favour from home.
  • Most midrange and top-end hotels (but rarely budget hotels) provide cots for children, often at no extra charge; ask ahead.
  • Arranging extra beds is usually no problem at most midrange and top-end hotels, though it's essential to enquire in advance. Some hotels also have interconnecting rooms for families – great if you're travelling with older kids.
  • Top-end hotels can usually arrange childcare and some even have child day centres with games and activities for kids. Many hotels include large pool areas, and the bigger resorts often have a range of family-friendly activities on offer.
  • Ibiza also has many adults-only hotels, so do double-check when booking.
  • Self-catering apartments on Ibiza are an excellent choice for travelling families.
  • Children are usually very welcome in most restaurants (though less so in the most formal places), and high chairs (tronas, or sillitas) are increasingly available (do ask).
  • Many restaurants don't open until 8pm in the evening, so plan accordingly if you have hungry mouths to feed.
  • Many Ibizan restaurants have kids' menus, with a short selection of simple, plain and unthreatening dishes, at fair prices.
  • It's worth carrying supermarket snacks for when shops and restaurants are closed, and packing picnics for the more remote parts of the island.
  • Very few restaurants, or other public places, have baby-changing facilities.
  • Breastfeeding in public isn't terribly common in Spain, but it is done. Just take stock of the situation and surroundings, and gauge if you feel comfortable.
  • Consider buying your own beach umbrella at the beginning of your trip, as they cost €6 to €10 to hire per day.
  • Car seats for children are available through car-hire firms (at an additional cost), though you'll need to book them in advance, particularly for summer months and holiday seasons. Kids under 12 aren't allowed in the front seat.
  • It's easy to hire kayaks, paddleboards and the like all over the islands, as well as arrange child-friendly activities such as horse riding, guided kayak trips and more.