Hervás attractions

Gallery in Hervás

Museo Pérez Comendador-Leroux

Within an impressive 18th-century mansion, the Museo Pérez Com­endador-Leroux houses works by Hervás-born, 20th-century sculptor Enrique Pérez Comendador and his wife, the French painter Magdalena Leroux. Among 650 …
Area in Hervás

Barrio Judío

Hervás houses Extremadura's best surviving barrio judío (Jewish quarter), whose narrow streets extend down to the river. This neighbourhood thrived until the 1492 expulsion of the Jews, when most families fled to Po…
Museum in Hervás

Museo de la Moto Clásica

Set in distinctive conical-roofed buildings 200m north of the river, this museum offers great views and an eclectic collection of classic 20th-century European and American motorcycles and cars. It also has horse-dr…