Travel with Children

La Gomera doesn’t have any of the theme parks, zoos or water parks that make the bigger islands such kid magnets. The fun here is of a less flashy variety and depends on nature to provide the thrills.

The first stop for children is usually the beach. The long, calm beaches of Valle Gran Rey and Alojera, where there is a saltwater wading pool for little ones, are ideal, as is San Sebastián’s beach. For tots who aren’t strong swimmers, pools like the one in Vallehermoso might be a better bet.

Short boat trips are guaranteed to brighten childrens’ days. Trips to Los Órganos sail from Valle Gran Rey, along with half-day whale-watching cruises, which also sail from Playa Santiago.

You could also plan a stop in a recreational area like La Laguna Grande, a picnic spot and playground rolled into one where children can happily spend an entire afternoon running and playing.