Grazalema attractions

Square in Grazalema

Plaza de España

Grazalema centres on the 18th-century Plaza de España, overlooked by the stone-facade Iglesia de la Aurora (begun in 1760 and completed 40 years later), and refreshed by a four-spouted Visigothic fountain.
Fountain in Grazalema

Fuente Plaza de España

One of several of its kind in Grazalema, this striking four-spouted fountain is of probable Visigothic origins.
Museum in Grazalema

Museo de Artesanía Textil

Grazalema's delicate wool shawls and blankets rose to fame in the 18th and 19th centuries. At this working textiles factory, 350m northwest of Plaza de España, you can see the original machinery and learn about trad…
Church in Grazalema

Iglesia de la Aurora

Overlooking Grazalema's main square, with an austere stone facade topped by three ornamental pinnacles, the Iglesia de la Aurora was begun in 1760 but took 40 years to complete. Its hours can vary.