Live Music in Granada


Just off Calle Azacayas, duck down the spooky alley, cross the small patio and battle with the hefty door to slip into one of the best jazz and flamenco haunts in the city, with local musicians coming down from Sacr…
Flamenco in Granada

Jardines de Zoraya

A little larger than some of Andalucía's new flamenco cultural centres, and hosted in a restaurant that serves food and drink, the Jardines de Zoraya appears, on first impression, to be a touristy tablao (choreograp…
Flamenco in Granada

Peña La Platería

Buried in the Albayzín warren, Peña La Platería claims to be the oldest flamenco aficionados’ club in Spain, founded in 1949. Unlike other more private clubs, it regularly opens it doors to nonmembers for performanc…
Flamenco in Granada

Casa del Arte Flamenco

A small new-ish flamenco venue that is neither tablao (choreographed flamenco show) nor peña (private club), but something in between. The performers are invariably top-notch, while the atmosphere depends largely on…
Live Performance in Granada

La Tertulia

In Spain, a tertulia is an artistic gathering, and that's what you generally get at this bohemian bar where the emphasis is less on the beer and more on what's taking off on stage – comic guitarists, poetry jams and…
Flamenco in Granada

Le Chien Andalou

Small cavernous bar that was once a cistern, but now hosts two nightly flamenco shows for half the price of the bigger places. Performances can be hit or miss, but at this price, it’s probably worth the gamble.
Theatre in Granada

Teatro Alhambra

Both Teatro Alhambra and the more central Teatro Isabel La Católica have ongoing programs of theatre and concerts (sometimes flamenco); you may pick up a Lorca play here.
Live Performance in Granada

Teatro Isabel La Católica

Teatro Isabel La Católica has ongoing programs of theatre and concerts (sometimes flamenco); you may pick up a Lorca play here.