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Explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Alhambra palace complex independently with a GPS audio guide. After picking up your handheld navigation device in Granada, make your way up La Sabica Hill to see the incredible Alhambra illuminated at night. Learn about the sultans and emirs who once called Alhambra home and visit unforgettable places like the Fortress of Alcazaba and the Nasrid Palaces.

Pickup your handheld GPS audio system in Granada, and then set off independently to visit the World Heritage-listed Alhambra palace complex at night. Stunning in the day time, Alhambra is even more so by night with illuminations lighting up its red-tinged walls to dramatic effect.After exchanging your voucher at the entrance to Alhambra, pop on your audio headset and let your navigation system guide you around. All monuments of interest inside the palace complex will appear on the device, and as you walk up to each one, the device will update -- giving informative audio commentary about the history of each place.Learn about the lives of extravagant emirs and sultans who lived in Alhambra from the 10th century onward while seeking out top attractions like the Water Tower and the awe-inspiring Fortress of Alcazaba. Check out the three Nasrid Palaces – Mexuar, Serello and Harem -- with their delicately designed Moorish architecture and their decadent Islamic artwork. As you wander over to the Palace of Charles V, learn about the famous Spanish Renaissance architect, Pedro Machua, who created the palace in the 1500s.The Generalife Gardens are closed at night, but there are still several pleasant places inside Alhambra to relax in the evening. Head to the Lindaraja viewpoint to soak up views of Granada under the starry Andalucian sky, or relax at the Court of the Lions.You can spend as much, or as little, time as you wish exploring Alhambra at your leisure. The complex closes at 11:30pm – just be sure to return your navigation device the following day.