Getxo attractions

Area in Getxo

Paseo de las Grandes Villas

The Paseo is the unofficial name given to Getxo's seafront – made up of Muelle de las Arenas and Paseo Marques e Arriluce. The 'Villas' part of the name is a reference to the extravagant mansions that pepper the rou…
Landmark in Getxo

Galerías de Punta Begoña

This massive brown structure was built in 1919 as a protective sea wall. It's an impressive sight, complete with columns and a balustraded terrace, though it's in a bad state of decay. Long-term restoration, however…
Area in Getxo

Punta Galea

From the Playa de Arrigunaga, paths head out to Punta Galea, the cliff-bound promontory that juts into the sea north of Getxo. The area, which is geologically unique thanks to its exposed rock strata, boasts superb …
Beach in Getxo

Playa de Ereaga

This long sandy beach runs between the Galerías de Punta Begoña and Puerto Viejo, and it makes a fine spot for a bit of fun under the sun. You can hire sunbeds and parasols (from €3.50 per day). A prettier beach, Pl…
Area in Getxo

Puerto Viejo

Getxo's old port sits at the northern end of the Playa de Ereaga. There's not much to see there now, but go up the steps and you emerge into a charming enclave of whitewashed fishers' cottages and narrow alleyways, …
Aquarium in Getxo


A family-friendly attraction in the El Abra port complex, Getxo's tiny aquarium showcases marine flora and fauna from the Atlantic Ocean and warmer tropical waters. There are 25 sections with tanks of coral, algae, …
Historic Building in Getxo

Palacio Lezama-Legizamón

A local landmark, this castle-like mansion was originally built in 1902 but was subsequently revamped by Manuel María Smith in 1921. Its central tower is based on the Monterrey Palace in Salamanca. Today it's a priv…
Historic Building in Getxo

Casa Cisco

This small Nordic-style mansion is one of several designed and built by Bilbao architect Manuel María Smith in the early 20th century. It's not open to the public.