Galicia drinking and nightlife

Bar in Santiago de Compostela

Pub Atlántico

This buzzing bar pulls in an artsy crowd of 20- and 30-somethings, with excellent gin and tonics and cocktails, and a great soundtrack ranging from Cajun blues to Spanish indie.
Pub in Vigo

Cervexería Nós

This small and popular Old Town craft-beer pub has its own and international beers on tap, and further varieties in bottles. Their toasted 'Orixinal' is tasty.
Lounge in A Coruña

Los Cantones Village

The lounge-style 'pubs' on the top floor of Los Cantones Village shopping centre have terraces overlooking the port and develop quite a party scene from around midnight, Thursday to Saturday. Here too is Galicia's b…
Club in A Coruña


MOOM has well-designed pub, disco and terrace spaces, with great bay views from the terrace, which is a fine place for a drink from late afternoon any day. On Friday and Saturday nights Moom shakes on till 5 or 6am …
Bar in Vigo

Black Ball

The real zona de marcha for the 20s crowd, from around midnight, is about 1km southeast of the Old Town in the Churruca district just above Praza do Portugal. This black-painted lounge bar with lots of kitsch decor,…
Cafe in A Coruña

Tira do Playa Cafetería

For a drink with a view, you can't beat the picture-windowed Tira do Playa cafe, looking right along A Coruña's beach and across the bay to the Torre de Hércules, from its slightly elevated position at the west end …
Pub in Santiago de Compostela


The great thing about Momo is its lovely tree-shaded garden, and if it's raining you can at least look out from the glassed-in gallery area (where you can also play pool or darts). A Santiago favourite since the 198…
Bar in Fisterra & Around

A Galería Bibliotaberna

This lively local bar overlooking the port from a street above is adorned with an incredible miscellany of black-and-white photos, dangling witch puppets, seashells, vinyl 45s and other bric-a-brac donated by friend…
Cocktail Bar in Santiago de Compostela


A smallish but mellow and nicely designed cocktail haunt with a striped-wood bar, Vaová lovingly mixes not only pisco sours, mojitos, caipirinhas and gin-tonics from 60 types of gin, but also some interesting creati…
Pub in Santiago de Compostela

Modus Vivendi

In the stables of an 18th-century mansion, Modus Vivendi attracts all types and hosts live music, DJs and exhibitions. It serves local craft beers, caipirinhas, mojitos and more, and is reckoned to be Galicia's olde…