Tiadhe has 17 bus routes covering the main destinations across the island.

When’s the Next Bus?

In 2011 a new service was introduced to facilitate bus transport around the island. Essentially, you can now use your mobile phone to find out what time the next bus will be arriving at any bus stop here. Simply text the word PARADA followed by a space and the number of the bus stop to 928 10 01 20 and within a few seconds you will receive an SMS message giving you the approximate time remaining before the next bus will arrive. You find the number of the bus stop displayed in a small inbuilt panel at the bus stop (it will be something like 101000). The cost of the call is the same as those to other local mobile phones. Not all the bus stops have their numbers displayed, however; if you check the website www.fuerteventuratransportes.com and click on Líneas Horarios, you can download a list of all the bus stops on the island with their number. So, even if there is no number visible, that stop will still be in the system.


Driving is a pleasure here; the terrain is largely flat and the roads excellent. Cicar is a reliable local car-rental choice, with offices at the airport, Puerto del Rosario and all the main resorts.