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Top Choice Area in Fisterra & Around

Cabo Fisterra

Panoramic Cabo Fisterra is a 3.5km drive or walk south of Fisterra town. It's crowned by a lighthouse, the Faro de Fisterra. Camino de Santiago pilgrims ending their journeys here ritually burn smelly socks, T-shirt…
Galician in Fisterra & Around

O' Fragón

Several degrees more gastronomically refined than anywhere else in the district, O' Fragón serves beautifully prepared, market-based, mainly fish and seafood dishes in a stylish, picture-windowed dining room. Servic…
Galician in Fisterra & Around

O Semáforo de Fisterra

The good restaurant and cafe/bar at the hotel in the former lighthouse-keepers' residence on Cabo Fisterra serve the same menu emphasising Galician products, especially locally bought fish and seafood. The cafe also…
Galician in Fisterra & Around

Mesón A Cantina

Multitasking as a hang-out for fishermen, pilgrims, tourists and everyone else, A Cantina is a great, lively option for bocadillos (long-bread sandwiches), octopus, squid, fish, caldeirada (fish stew), big salads, m…
Seafood in Fisterra & Around

O Pirata

With just half a dozen tables but a nice view over the harbour and a short but sweet menu, O Pirata serves up the freshest of fish and seafood at good prices. Try one of its 'portions' of mixed fish and/or seafood (…
Seafood in Fisterra & Around

O Centolo

A cut above most other harbourfront eateries, the Centolo provides well-prepared fish and shellfish in its downstairs cafe and upstairs restaurant, both with big windows looking over the harbour. Friendly service.
Beach in Fisterra & Around

Praia da Mar de Fora

The spectacular beach Praia da Mar de Fora, over on the ocean (western) side of the Fisterra Peninsula, is reachable via an 800m walk from the top of the town. The scenery is glorious, but with strong winds and wave…
Bar in Fisterra & Around

A Galería Bibliotaberna

This lively local bar overlooking the port from a street above is adorned with an incredible miscellany of black-and-white photos, dangling witch puppets, seashells, vinyl 45s and other bric-a-brac donated by friend…