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Top Choice Andalucian in El Rocío

Restaurante Toruño

With its traditional Andalucian atmosphere, authentically good food and huge portions, this is El Rocío's one must-try restaurant. A highlight on the menu is the free-range mostrenca calf, unique to Doñana; for nonc…
Andalucian in El Rocío

La Ermita

Behind the Ermita, this tourist-oriented place with its spacious front patio makes a pleasant spot for drinks and light meals. Orders are shouted back and forth, tables spill out onto the sand, and the food is class…
Andalucian in El Rocío

Aires de Doñana

Affectionately nicknamed La Choza (the Hut), this thatched-roofed, whitewashed local institution has one big thing going for it: knockout views of La Ermita framed by horse pastures and bird-thronged wetlands. The f…
Andalucian in El Rocío

Restaurante Cristina

A popular restaurant serving paella, seafood, venison (the house special) and more.