El Hierro restaurants

Top Choice Canarian in La Frontera


The chef here takes great pride in her cooking and it shows in such specials as Venezuelan cachapas (stuffed corn pancakes; try them filled with cheese) and carne fiesta (a huge plate of grilled meats, peppers and p…
Top Choice Seafood in El Mocanal

Casa Carlos

The homey old-fashioned dining room seems to drop off the hillside and affords fabulous views of the extraordinary huddle of ancient beach houses below. When she is not catching up on her knitting in the corner, the…
Top Choice Canarian in Valverde

La Taberna de la Villa

Good, simple food, ranging from caracoles (snails) to mojo queso (Canarian spicy salsa cheese dip), pasta and meat dishes combined with a welcoming atmosphere and a warm ochre-washed interior have made this the most…
Top Choice Canarian in Tigaday

Casa Pucho

Sit in the shade on the roadside terrace in a small dining room or a bar filled with fruit machines (and locals). The menu includes all the normal Canarian staples, including the speciality: roast lamb, as well as m…
Top Choice Seafood in La Restinga

El Refugio

Tucked down a narrow elbow in the town centre, El Refugio's good-natured owner has his own fishing boat so seafood here really is as fresh as the day’s catch – and delicious. Go with the recommendation of the day.
Canarian in Valverde

El Secreto

Prepare yourself for head-spinning decor that combines a courtesan’s boudoir with 1950s memorabilia and kitsch bric-a- brac; no two tables match and an eclectic combination of chandeliers provide (slightly too much)…
Cheese in Isora

Cooperative de Ganaderos Central Quesera

Farmers from all over the island bring the milk from their cattle to this cooperative where the Herreño cheese is produced. Choose from several varieties including queso fresco (fresh cheese) and ahumado (smoked). I…
Canarian in Mirador de la Peña

Mirador de la Peña Restaurant

This elegant restaurant at the mirador is dominated by a huge picture window looking over El Golfo. The menu is focused on creative ways to use local ingredients, with results like Herreño pineapple stuffed with she…
Seafood in La Restinga

Casa Juan

Look beyond the peeling paintwork and scuffed interior, the food here is inexpensive and competently cooked. Aside from the seafood, there is the heartwarming caldo de huevo (also known as sopa de queso) based on pa…
Seafood in Las Puntas


Look for the jaunty blue window trim; this restaurant is the only spot to eat or drink close to the water and gets lively on weekend nights. At meal times, come to enjoy tapas and seafood meals so fresh the fish on …