Eating Like a Local

Food on El Hierro might be simple, but in our opinion it has the best food of any of the western islands. The island is very much self-sufficient and much of what you eat was grown, reared or captured on El Hierro or off its coasts. The lack of tourists also helps to ensure that restaurants are catering mainly to a local audience, which results in a higher standard of food quality (restaurant owners know that they are relying on locals to keep coming back, whereas on touristy islands owners know they’re serving a here today, gone tomorrow clientele). Fresh local fish, local meat and local vegetables are often available at restaurants, especially to those who know to ask for it! Specialities on El Hierro include queso herreño (local soft cheese); dried figs are another favourite. The fruity white wine from Tigaday is quite good and is sold and served widely on the island.