El Cotillo attractions

Windmill in El Cotillo

Molino de el Roque

This charming windmill is named after El Roque, the next village along from El Cotillo, and with its white paint and black sails, it's really quite a picture. The windmill is close enough to reach on foot or you can…
Museum in El Cotillo

Museo de la Pesca Tradicional

This museum dedicated to fisher folk is located next to the town’s distinctive red-and-white-striped lighthouse (not open to visitors). You can climb to the top of the considerably smaller original lighthouse for pa…
Castle in El Cotillo

Castillo de Tostón

Tubby Castillo de Tostón is not really a castle, more a Martello tower. The art and history displays within are interesting, but the star attraction here is the sweeping view of the surf beach to the south. You may …