Top things to do in El Chorro

Ruins in El Chorro


Bobastro was the hilltop redoubt of 9th-century rebel Omar ibn Hafsun, who led a prolonged revolt against Córdoban rule. At one stage he controlled territory from Cartagena to the Strait of Gibraltar. It's thought t…
Andalucian in El Chorro

Restaurante El Mirador

Close to the tunnel entry to the Caminito del Rey, El Mirador is raised a little above the road and, as the name implies, affords good views, in this case of the Guadalhorce reservoir. Food is meat or meat (choose b…
Andalucian in El Chorro

Bar-Restaurante El Kiosko

El Kiosko is a traditional Andalucian bar located at the start of the Caminito del Rey right where the bus stops. It's good for light bites, coffee and soups.