Top things to do in El Burgo de Osma

Cathedral in El Burgo de Osma


Dating back to the 12th century, the cathedral's architecture evolved as a combination of the Gothic and, subsequently, baroque (notable in the weighty tower). The sanctuary is filled with art treasures, including t…
Ruins in El Burgo de Osma


Just outside El Burgo de Osma lie the ruins of Uxama. Originally a Celto-Iberian settlement, it became an important Roman town after falling under Roman control in 99 BC; it eventually fell to the Muslims in the 8th…
Spanish in El Burgo de Osma

Mesón Marcelino

A reliable choice along the main street, Mesón Marcelino feeds the passions of this unashamedly meat-loving town. It's all about cordero or cochinillo asado – roast lamb or suckling pig – with steaks and game meats …
Grill in El Burgo de Osma

Casa Engracia

One of a rare breed of restaurants in this town that opens during the week. Expect sound rather than sensational meals, with an emphasis on grilled meats and fish.