Top things to do in East of León

Church in East of León

Monasterio de San Miguel de Escalada

Rising from Castilla's northern plains, this beautifully simple treasure was built in the 9th century by refugee monks from Córdoba atop the remains of a Visigoth church dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Although …
Convent in Sahagún

Santuario de La Peregrina

This 13th-century former convent has been stunningly restored, with glimpses of elaborate 13th-century frescos and 17th-century Mudéjar plasterwork (the latter is in the chapel to the right of the main nave). Contem…
Church in Sahagún

Iglesia de San Tirso

The early-12th-century Iglesia de San Tirso, at the western entrance to town, is an important stop on the Camino de Santiago. It's known for its pure Romanesque design and Mudéjar bell tower laced with rounded arche…
Castilian in Sahagún

San Facundo

Part of the Hostal La Codorniz, this traditional restaurant, which has an impressive carved Mudéjar ceiling, specialises in succulent roasted meats.
Museum in Sahagún

Museo Benedictinas

The more important relics and treasures from Sahagún's abbey are kept in this small museum. Exhibits range from sacred sculptures used in religious services and processions down through the centuries to gilded cross…