Top things to do in East Coast Tenerife

Church in Candelaria

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

This large domed church dates from 1959 and sits at the edge of the town centre, overlooking a rocky beach and flanked by a plaza where nine huge statues of Guanche warriors stand guard. During the official festivit…
Ruins in Güímar & Around

Pirámides de Güímar

These much-restored pyramid ruins explore an intriguing question: could the Canarios have had contact with America before Columbus famously sailed the ocean blue? This theory was developed by renowned Norwegian scie…
Food & Drinks in Candelaria

Maresía y Volcán

Heading south on pedestrianised Calle Obispo Pérez Cáceres toward the famous Basilica will lead you to this classy small deli selling local wines, cheeses and gourmet items. The owner also offers wine tasting and a …
Cafe in Candelaria

Bar Mencey

If you’re arriving by bus head down to Plaza Teror, stopping at this earthy bar with its stamp-size interior, complete with TV and slot machines. Head sharpish to the outside terrace with its sea view across the way…
Tapas in El Médano

Imperio del Pintxo

Run by a young energetic team with a view of the beach and the kitesurfers beyond, like so many colourful butterflies. Come here for tasty tapas and raciónes platters to share such as vegetable tempura, goat-cheese …
Seafood in El Médano

El Astillero de Avencio

Just about the best location in town, overlooking the waves, the seafood and fish here is reliably good and the paella has received rave reviews from readers but, as so often the case in Spanish seafood restaurants,…
Museum in Candelaria

Centro Alferero de Candelaria

Just past the Basilica, steps lead up the right-hand side to the signposted Centro Alferero de Candelaria, a small pottery museum which still throw pots by hand, plus a shop where you buy the typical red pots, inclu…
Cafe in Candelaria

Bar Los Terrazas

This gritty local bar specialises in churros (crisp spiral-shaped doughnuts). It costs just €2 for six churros and a mug of chocolate; take them outside to one of the banana-leaf green chairs overlooking the crashin…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Candelaria

La Casa de las Imágenes

Get into the soul-stirring mood by checking out the religious statues, photos, plaques and, even holograms of the Virgin Mary at La Casa de las Imágenes, which claims to have the largest selection of religious image…
Seafood in Candelaria

El Muelle

Look for the giant Indian laurel tree near the harbour, generally shading a group of elderly card players. Just above here is this seafood restaurant serving that day’s catch on a large terrace with sea views.