Top things to do in East Coast Tenerife

Top Choice Church in Candelaria

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

This imposing domed church dates from 1959 and sits at the edge of the town centre, overlooking a rocky beach and flanked by a plaza where nine huge statues of Guanche warriors stand guard. The church has an enthral…
Top Choice Canarian in Güímar

Hotel Rural Finca Salamanca

The very appealing rustic dining-hall ambience is just one of this restaurant's charms, another is the excellent menu of Canarian dishes. The menu often changes, but expect treats such as estofado de pollo con arroz…
Top Choice Museum in Candelaria

Centro Alferero de Candelaria

Just past the basilica, steps lead up the right-hand side to the signposted Centro Alferero de Candelaria, a small and very informative pottery museum, where pots are still thrown by hand and without a wheel – the w…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Candelaria

La Casa de las Imágenes

Get into the soul-stirring mood in Candelaria by checking out the religious statues, shrink-wrapped Santa Ritas, photos, plaques, candles, and holograms of the Virgin Mary and every saint you can name at this amazin…
Ruins in Güímar

Pirámides de Güímar

These six much-restored pyramid ruins made from lava stone explore an intriguing question: could the Canarios have had contact with America before Columbus famously sailed the ocean blue? This theory was developed b…
Seafood in Candelaria

El Muelle

This popular seafood restaurant with a large terrace out back with harbour views serves battered prawns, octopus vinaigrette, cuttlefish with garlic, fish of the day and tuna with mojo.
Cafe in East Coast Tenerife

Café al Mar

Often packed, this pint-sized cafe overlooks the small black-sand cove in Porís de Abona and serves tapas, sandwiches and snacks, as well as great coffee and other drinks.
Cafe in Candelaria

Bar Mencey

This earthy, local bar has a postage-stamp-size interior, complete with TV and slot machines. Head out to the terrace for slices of sea views across the way, and enjoy a strong coffee, tostada con aceite (toast with…
Churros in Candelaria

Churrería El Guanche

For something crispy, carbohydrate and sweet, follow your nostrils to this corner churrería that serves filling helpings of churros, ready to be dipped in cups of thick hot chocolate and devoured.
Museum in East Coast Tenerife

Archaeological & Ethnographical Museum of Agache

This modest museum in El Escobonal displays all kinds of odds and ends related to Guanche and island culture.