Cultural in Around Burgos

Baby-Jumping Festival

Every year since 1620, the tiny village of Castrillo de Murcia (25km west of Burgos) has marked the feast of Corpus Cristi by lining up the village's babies on mattresses, while grown men leap over up to six supine …
Fiesta in Soria

Fiestas de San Juan y de la Madre de Dios

Since the 13th century, the 12 barrios (districts) of Soria have celebrated this annual festival with considerable fervour. Held during the second half of June, and sometimes spilling over into July, the main festiv…
Food & Drink in Covarrubias

Mercado de la Cereza

A good time to be in Covarrubias is the second weekend of July, when the village hosts a medieval market and cherry festival.
Religious in Burgos

Festividad de San Pedro y San Pablo

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is celebrated with bullfights, processions and much merry-making – particularly on the first Sunday of July, the Día de las Peñas.
Music in Medinaceli

Festival Internacional de Música

On Saturdays and/or Sundays in July, the Colegiata de Santa María hosts mostly classical concerts by international performers.
Music in Medinaceli

Festival Ópera Medinaceli

In the last week of July and the first couple of weeks in August, Medinaceli's Palacio Ducal hosts fine operatic performances.
Religious in Burgos

Festividad de San Lesmes

Celebrates the city's patron saint on 30 January with street parades, public theatre and much merriment.