Cudillero attractions

Beach in Cudillero

Playa del Silencio

This is one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches: a long, silver-sandy cove backed by a natural rock amphitheatre. It isn’t particularly good for swimming due to underwater rocks, but it’s a stunning spot for a stroll …
Viewpoint in Cudillero

Mirador de La Garita-Atalaya

A tangle of narrow, sloping, twisting streets threads up to this battered lookout point perched high above the harbour. Up top, riveting views extend across Cudillero's rooftops, past the boats bobbing in the port a…
Beach in Cudillero

Playa de Aguilar

The nearest beach to Cudillero is the fine, sandy Playa de Aguilar, which is 5km east on the AS317 from El Pito to Muros de Nalón. Immediately east and accessed by a short path from the joint car park lies tiny, cli…