Top things to do in Covadonga

Cave in Covadonga

Santa Cueva

In this cave, now with a chapel installed, the Virgin supposedly appeared to Pelayo's warriors before their AD 722 victory over the Muslims. Weekends and summers see long queues of the faithful and curious lining up…
Church in Covadonga

Basílica de Covadonga

Covadonga's original wooden church burnt down in 1777 and landslides destroyed much of the settlement in the 19th century. The main church, the Basílica de Covadonga, is a neo-Romanesque affair built between 1877 an…
Museum in Covadonga

Museo de Covadonga

A few steps from Covadonga's basilica is the extensive Museo de Covadonga, devoted to Covadonga's history and extraordinary gifts from the faithful. Among the sparkling collection you'll find a number of paintings o…