Costa da Morte restaurants

Galician in Fisterra & Around

O' Fragón

Several degrees more gastronomically refined than anywhere else in the district, O' Fragón serves beautifully prepared, market-based, mainly fish and seafood dishes in a stylish, picture-windowed dining room. Servic…
Galician in Fisterra & Around

O Semáforo de Fisterra

The good restaurant and cafe/bar at the hotel in the former lighthouse-keepers' residence on Cabo Fisterra serve the same menu emphasising Galician products, especially locally bought fish and seafood. The cafe also…
Galician in Muxía & Around

Restaurante A Marina

A busy, friendly place with outside tables facing the harbour across the road, A Marina does hearty breakfasts for those setting out on (or winding down from) long walks. Later in the day there's reliably good octop…
Galician in Fisterra & Around

Mesón A Cantina

Multitasking as a hang-out for fishermen, pilgrims, tourists and everyone else, A Cantina is a great, lively option for bocadillos (long-bread sandwiches), octopus, squid, fish, caldeirada (fish stew), big salads, m…
Seafood in Fisterra & Around

O Pirata

With just half a dozen tables but a nice view over the harbour and a short but sweet menu, O Pirata serves up the freshest of fish and seafood at good prices. Try one of its 'portions' of mixed fish and/or seafood (…
Seafood in Fisterra & Around

O Centolo

A cut above most other harbourfront eateries, the Centolo provides well-prepared fish and shellfish in its downstairs cafe and upstairs restaurant, both with big windows looking over the harbour. Friendly service.
Seafood in Muxía & Around

A de Loló

With an emphasis on the freshest of local ingredients and seafood in particular, this is one of Muxía's best restaurants. There's a reasonable range of vegetarian options too.
Galician in Laxe & Around

Mar de Fondo

You'll find some of Laxe's best food at this bar with tall chairs, tall tables and a maritime theme, opposite the north end of the beach. Fish and seafood fresh from the local boats is a strong draw, and they also d…
Galician in Camariñas & Around

Restaurante Puerto Arnela

The restaurant at Hotel Puerto Arnela serves up excellent shellfish, grilled fish, caldeiradas (fish stews) and meat dishes – nothing too fancy, just good ingredients prepared simply and well. Note that as of late 2…
Galician in Laxe & Around

Ancora Taberna

A bright contemporary take on the traditional Galician tavern, Ancora is a good place to sit yourself for a drink and plates of seafood, raxo (spicy pork chunks), ham or cheeses, and good tortillas or revoltos (scra…