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Castle in Consuegra

Castillo de Consuegra

This is the place for the novice windmill spotter, where you can get that classic shot of up to a dozen molinos de vientos (windmills) flanking Consuegra’s 12th-century castle, an atmospheric perch that remains unde…
Spanish in Consuegra

El Alfar

Concentrating on exquisitely prepared La Mancha specialities, Consuegra’s most ambitious restaurant is also something of a museum, inhabiting an old ceramics workshop that was built over the ruins of the town’s anci…
Windmill in Consuegra

Molino Rucio

Of the 12 windmills that line a grassy ridge either side of Consuegra’s castle, Rucio is the only one in full working order. Inside there are displays on local saffron-farming, details of the mill’s internal machine…