Walking Tour: Four Coves

  • Start Finca Can Roig
  • End Finca Can Roig
  • Length 13km; 3-3½ hours

Just north of Cales de Mallorca the chaos of the resorts falls away and nature takes over. Over the 6km between Cales de Mallorca and Cala Romántica, there’s only pine-specked rocky coves, pitted cliff faces and the aquamarine of the Mediterranean.

The walk begins at Finca Can Roig, a rural estate. To get here, take the Carretera Porto Cristo–Portocolom (Ma4014) and at Km 6 turn east towards Cales de Mallorca. Continue 2.2km and veer left; after 200m you’ll reach the entrance to Can Roig.

Leave your car here and strike out along the wide, rocky track that parallels the coast. After about 15 minutes, a slightly narrower path turns off to the right. Follow it alongside a small gully and through patches of trees to reach Cala Bota, a sheltered cove with a small sandy beach. A steep trail meanders around and above the cove, giving a bird’s-eye view of its beauty.

From Cala Bota, retrace your steps and take the second right towards the next cove, Cala Virgili. The track brings you to a smaller trail that heads off right down to this narrow, cliff-flanked cove, with limpid water for a refreshing dip. (The walk down takes about 10 minutes.)

Return to the main trail and follow it. You’ll pass a small trail on your right, but keep straight until you come upon a second path. Take it towards the Cala Pilota, a lovely cove backed by cave-pocked cliffs. The water is brilliantly turquoise.

Head back to the main trail and continue. Ignore the first right and instead take the second, which rolls down to the final cove, Cala Magraner, the grandest of the bunch both in size and beauty. The trail is wide at first but stops in a clearing; another, narrower trail leads you for the last few minutes. After splashing in the crystalline waters and exploring the small caves that dot the rock, walk the main trail back to Finca Can Roig.