Central East Coast attractions

Top Choice Cave in Porto Cristo

Coves del Drac

Over-visited, probably overpriced, the Coves del Drac are by no means overrated. Of all Mallorca's accessible cave complexes, this is the least forgettable. A 1.2km shuffle with the inevitable crowd, accompanied by …
Beach in Portocolom

Cala Marçal

This broad, comely blue-flag beach is a good choice for a family outing from Portocolom: there's parking, nearby restaurants, toilets, and plenty of sand and gentle waves.
Beach in Porto Cristo

Cala Varques

This isolated scrub-backed beach is one of the loveliest on Mallorca's east coast: nearly 100m long, and sloping down into brilliant turqouise sea.
Beach in Porto Cristo

Passeig de la Sirena

Most of the town's activity crowds alongside the Passeig de la Sirena and the harbour, where a small crowded beach provides the perfect place to observe the comings and goings of fishing boats and yachts in the mari…
Zoo in Cala Millor


Beyond Cala Millor's sprawl is Safari-Zoo, where you can see more than 600 animals (including rhinos, hippos, zebras, giraffes, baboons, wildebeest and numerous antelope species) from the comfort of your car or an o…
Cave in Porto Cristo

Coves dels Hams

On the northern side of town on the road to Manacor, this underground labyrinth has some fine stalactite formations and an open-roofed cave rich with plants and birds. The main cave, with its 12 galleries, is the se…
Beach in Portocolom

Cala s’Arenal

Facing Portocolom across the water, there are actually two, proximate s'Arenals: Grand, which is broader and sandier, and Petit, which is rockier, more secluded and more...petite. Both are well patronised by locals,…
Beach in Porto Cristo

Cala Magraner

Difficult to access on foot and walled in by weather-pitted walls of rock, this secluded cove is the perfect place to drop anchor and dive off the side of a boat.
Beach in Porto Cristo

Cala Sequer

Sequer is a tiny sequestered toenail of sand between sheer rock walls: great if you fancy the walk to get there, and the solitude once you do.
Cave in Porto Cristo

Cova del Pilar

This stunning sea cave, some 8km south of Porto Cristo, is best explored by kayak.