Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Salamanca


The official shop of the University of Salamanca has a stunning range of stationery items, leather-bound books and other carefully selected reminders of your Salamanca visit.
Top Choice Food in León

La Casa de los Quesos

Cheese lovers will want to make a stop at this place that's been selling local cheeses since 1944 – you'll find every imaginable variety, with plenty of regional choices.
Food in Guijuelo

Sabor Guijuelo

You could pick any of the shops around town selling embutidos (cured meats), but this excellent little shop is just a stone's throw from the Plaza Mayor and the tourist office. Pick up one of its sliced, prepackaged…
Books in Salamanca

La Galatea

The first bookshop in decades to open along Salamanca's 'Street of the Booksellers' (there were once more than 50), this fine space combines a bargain table (with some books in English), some gorgeous Spanish-langua…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Salamanca

Municipal Tourist Office Shop

In addition to the small range of souvenirs sold in the municipal tourist office, there is another shop, found under the arches on the north side of Plaza Mayor. It has more to choose from and it's all good.
Food & Drinks in León

La Despensa de Fer

One of the better delicatessens around town, selling much-praised cured meats (including cecina, one that's typical of the region), cheeses and, unusually, some local craft beers.
Food in Ávila

La Flor de Castilla

This patisserie-cafe is a fine place to buy a yema de Santa Teresa, a sticky, ultrasweet cookie made of egg yolk and sugar that's said to have been invented by the saint herself.
Food & Drinks in Segovia

Diablo Cojuelo

Segovia has loads of places around town selling Spanish and Segovian gourmet food products, and this is one of the best of them. They also have a cafe serving light meals.
Books in Salamanca

La Nave

Second-hand books (mostly in Spanish) and designer jewellery may seem like a strange combination but this narrow little shop is always full and deservedly so.
Accessories in Segovia

Montón de Trigo Montón de Paja

With handcrafted handbags, jewellery, block-prints of Segovia and a host of other artsy, locally made items, this shop is ideal for creative gifts.