A worthwhile 10km loop (three hours) can be hiked by taking the PRA38 trail from Castaño del Robledo to Galaroza village and returning via the alternative SLA129 riverside route. The walk traverses woodlands interspersed with long-distance panoramas. Wildflowers pop up in spring and you're likely to spot pata negra (black leg) pigs of Jabugo fame rooting about for acorns.

Leave via the unsigned path beside the shrine in the Área Recreativa Capilla del Cristo, on the HU8114 road passing along the north of the village. To the left you’ll soon see Cortegana and Jabugo, before you fork right, 15 minutes along the track. Your path winds downhill until you cross the Jabugo–Fuenteheridos trail after 10 minutes. About 50m beyond, go right at a fork. In 10 minutes Galaroza comes into view as you pass between its outlying fincas (rural properties). Cross a small river on a footbridge and emerge on the N433 road three minutes later. Walk left towards Galaroza, skirting the town along the N433 for around 800m. Just before you reach a palm-studded plaza, leave by a track on the left marked by a ‘Sendero Ribera del Jabugo’ sign.

Fork right at a green-and-white-striped post one minute from the sign, then turn left at a 'Camino Galaroza-Castaño Bajo' sign five minutes later down to a footbridge over a stream. The path soon starts winding up the Río Jabugo valley, a particularly lovely stretch lined with poplars, willows and alders. Half an hour from the footbridge you'll reach a vehicle track marked ‘Camino de Jabugo a Fuenteheridos’. Head right, passing some cortijos (farmhouses), to cross the river on a low bridge. Turn left 50m past the bridge, then left at a fork 30m further on. You recross the river by stepping stone. Fifteen minutes from the river, turn left at a red-tile-roofed house and arrowed stump; in 15 minutes (mostly uphill) you’re re-entering Castaño del Robledo.