Top things to do in Cartagena

Top Choice Spanish in Cartagena


Elegant dining areas and an open kitchen characterise this smart white-exteriored local on a nondesript pedestrian boulevard off Calle Carlos III. The gastronomic enthusiasm of the young owners shines through in the…
Top Choice Museum in Cartagena

Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática

This excellent, attractive space delves into the depths of the fascinating world of underwater archaeology. It starts off by explaining the work of those delvers in the deep and then sails on into the maritime histo…
Museum in Cartagena

Museo del Teatro Romano

This impressive complex was designed by top Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The tour transports visitors from the initial museum on Plaza del Ayuntamiento, via escalators and an underground passage beneath the ruine…
Ruins in Cartagena

Barrio del Foro Romano

Set alongside the Molinete hill are the evocative remains of a whole town block and street linking the port with the forum, dating from the 1st century BC and including an arcade and thermal baths. One of the houses…
Spanish in Cartagena

La Marquesita

On a tucked-away plaza just off the pedestrian main drag, this place is easily spotted by its riot of pot plants. Sit in or out to enjoy quality fish dishes in particular, with other traditional plates on offer. It'…
Ruins in Cartagena

Casa de la Fortuna

The Casa de la Fortuna consists of the fascinating remains of an aristocratic Roman villa dating back to the 1st century BC, complete with some well-preserved murals and mosaics, and part of an excavated road. Acces…
Fiesta in Cartagena

Carthagineses y Romanos

For 10 days during September, locals play war games in a colourful fiesta that re-enacts the battles between rival Carthaginian and Roman occupiers during the Second Punic War.
Arts & Crafts in Cartagena

Centro para la Artesanía

This government-funded shop displays the works of local artisans. There's an excellent range of everything from paintings to honey. It's a great spot to browse.
Religious in Cartagena

Semana Santa

During Easter week, Cartagena’s haunting, elaborate processions are quite a sight.
Castle in Cartagena

Castillo de la Concepción

For a sweeping panoramic view, stride up to Castillo de la Concepción, or hop on the lift. Within the castle’s gardens, decorated by strutting peacocks, the Centro de Interpretación de la Historia de Cartagena offer…