Cartagena is rich in Modernista buildings. Particularly magnificent are the Palacio Consistorial (town hall); Casa Cervantes; Casa Llagostera; the zinc-domed Gran Hotel; the strawberries-and-cream confection of Casa Clares; and the splendid Palacio Aguirre, now an exhibition space for modern art (known as Muram).

The central Molinete hill has archaeological remains from everything from Phoenicians to Republicans in the civil war. Strolling over and around it reveals much, including limited remains of the Roman forum on Calle Balcones Azules, beyond the Barrio del Foro Romano site.


Cartagena has few central hotels for a city of its size, but there are a couple of decent chain options. There's also a rewarding budget choice.


There are plenty of bars and restaurants around Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the side streets off Calle Mayor.

Drinking & Nightlife

There are bars tucked away all through the old town, particularly on and around Calle Cañón, which rises opposite the town hall, and Calle Cuatro Santos, which connects to it. The waterfront also has a couple of options.