Mallorca is safe, but the usual precautions are advised. The main thing to be wary of is petty theft: keep an eye on your valuables, and you should be OK.

Report thefts to the national police. It is unlikely that you will recover your goods, but you need to make a formal denuncia for insurance purposes. To save time, you can make the report by phone (in various languages), or on online (search for ‘denuncias’).

Tips to Avoid Theft & Scams

  • Theft is mostly a risk in the busier resort areas and Palma. Take care when dragging around luggage to or from your hotel.
  • Never leave valuables in rental cars.
  • Theft of and from bikes has grown in step with the popularity of cycling on Mallorca. When leaving your bike, especially at night, remove anything portable and lock it up; better still, take your bike to your hotel room.
  • Watch out for pickpockets and bag snatchers and for an old classic: ladies offering flowers (the so-called claveleras, because they usually offer claveles, ie carnations) for good luck. We don’t know how they do it, but if you get too involved in a friendly chat, your pockets always wind up empty.
  • Keep a firm grip on daypacks and bags at all times. Anything left on the beach can disappear in a flash when your back is turned.