Camariñas & Around attractions

Sculpture in Camariñas & Around

Museo Xardín de Man

This quirky and touching open-air sculpture garden made from rocks and ocean bric-a-brac, beside Camelle's pier, is the work of 'Man' (Manfred Gnädinger), an eccentric long-time German resident who lived in a hut he…
Cemetery in Camariñas & Around

Ceminterio dos Ingleses

The rugged coast between Camariñas and Camelle, followed by the Ruta do Litoral, is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Costa da Morte. Ten kilometres out of Camariñas you reach the Ceminterio dos Ingleses, t…
Museum in Camariñas & Around

Museo do Encaixe

The fishing village of Camariñas is known for its women’s traditional encaixe (bobbin lacework). Visit the Museo do Encaixe in front of the town hall to understand what's special about Camariñas lace and see some wo…
Museum in Camariñas & Around

Museo Man de Camelle

This museum exhibits the sketchbooks, notebooks and personal effects of 'Man' (long-time Camelle resident Manfred Gnädinger) along with objects he found on the seashore, some of them painted or sculpted.
Beach in Camariñas & Around

Praias da Pedrosa, da Balea & da Reira

A picturesque set of short sandy strands divided by groups of boulders, a couple of kilometres east of Cabo Vilán on the Ruta do Litoral.