Top Choice Historic Building in Cáceres

Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo

The sumptuous home of Cáceres' prominent Golfín family has been beautifully restored. Built piecemeal between the 14th and 20th centuries, it's crammed with historical treasures: original 17th-century tapestries and…
Top Choice Museum in Cáceres

Museo de Cáceres

The excellent Museo de Cáceres, spread across 12 buildings in a 16th-century mansion built over an evocative 12th-century aljibe (cistern), is the only surviving element of Cáceres’ Moorish castle. The impressive ar…
Top Choice Tower in Cáceres

Torre de Bujaco

As you head up the steps to the Ciudad Monumental from the Plaza Mayor, turn left to climb the 12th-century, 25m-high Torre de Bujaco, home to an interpretative display on Cáceres' history. Up on the rooftop there's…
Top Choice Square in Cáceres

Plaza de Santa María

As the closest square to the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de Santa María and the surrounding tangle of lanes provide most people's introduction to the Ciudad Monumental. This is also arguably the most impressive of the ol…
Top Choice Gate in Cáceres

Arco de la Estrella

Guarding the entrance to the Ciudad Monumental from the Plaza Mayor is the 18th-century Arco de la Estrella (made wide for carriage access); pass underneath and onto the majestic Plaza de Santa María. The Arco was b…
Historic Building in Cáceres

Palacio de Carvajal

Just off the northeastern corner of the main Plaza de Santa María stands this late-15th-century mansion. The building was abandoned after fires tore through in the 19th century. Now restored, it houses a modern disp…
Church in Cáceres

Iglesia de San Francisco Javier

An 18th-century Jesuit church with a baroque facade that rises above the Plaza de San Jorge. You can climb its towers for glorious old-town views.
Cathedral in Cáceres

Concatedral de Santa María

This 15th-century Gothic cathedral creates an impressive opening scene for the Ciudad Monumental. Inside, you'll find a magnificent carved 16th-century cedar altarpiece, fine noble tombs and chapels, and a small ecc…
Historic Building in Cáceres

Casa-Museo Árabe Yusuf Al-Burch

This restored 12th-century house is worth a peek for its Moorish-style decor, horseshoe arches, flower-filled patio and original aljibe (cistern), all shrouded in clouds of incense.
Gallery in Cáceres

Centro de Interpretación de la Semana Santa

A gallery with exhibits on the city's Easter celebrations, atop 18th-century cisterns.