Books in Bilbao

Elkar Megadenda

Basque publications are strongly represented here. It also stocks books in Spanish and a few in English, and there’s an excellent map and travel section. There are a couple of other branches in the city.
Food in Bilbao

Chocolates de Mendaro

This old-time chocolate shop created its first chocolate treats way back in 1850 and is hands down the best place to ruin a diet in Bilbao.
Food in Bilbao

Almacen Coloniales y Bacalao Gregorio Martín

Specialising in bacalao (salted cod) since it first opened some 80 years ago. Today it also sells oils, pulses and hams.
Food in Bilbao


With 160 years of baking experience you'd hope the cakes at this little patissiere would taste divine, but frankly, they're even better than expected.
Food in Bilbao


High-quality deli selling the full tummy-pleasing array of local culinary delicacies.
Fashion & Accessories in Bilbao


Street fashion goes green at this hip bag store where everything is made from material recycled from old advertising banners. The resulting satchels, messenger bags, wallets and the like are bright and bold with lou…
Fashion & Accessories in Bilbao


Housed in a former warehouse, complete with exposed brick walls, timber beams and cast iron columns, this historic shop stocks the latest fashions by top international designers such as Comme des Garçons and Issey M…
Music in Bilbao

Power Records

This record shop has long been point of reference for Bilbao's vinyl lovers. Its encyclopaedic collection runs the gamut from death metal to Shirley Bassey by way of salsa, jazz, rock, pop and blues. There are colle…
Books in Bilbao


All creaking wood and leather-bound volumes, this charming antique book shop is one for browsing as much as buying. Most of the books are in Spanish, but there are a smattering of English titles hidden away, as well…
Shopping Centre in Bilbao


Overlooking the river by the Deusto bridge, this impressive brick, stone and glass shopping centre was designed by US architect Robert Stern in the early 2000s. Inside, there are around 70 shops, including many big-…