Top Choice Contemporary Basque in Bilbao

Mina Restaurante

Offering unexpected sophistication and fine dining in an otherwise fairly grimy neighbourhood, this riverside restaurant has some critics citing it as the current número uno in Bilbao. Expect serious culinary creati…
Top Choice Basque in Bilbao

Agape Restaurante

With a solid reputation among locals for good-value meals that don't sacrifice quality, this is a great place for a slice of real Bilbao culinary life. It's well away from the standard tourist circuit, but is worth …
Top Choice Basque in Bilbao

Casa Rufo

Despite the emergence of numerous glitzy restaurants that are temples to haute cuisine, this resolutely old-fashioned place, with its shelves full of dusty bottles of top-quality olive oil and wine, still stands out…
Top Choice Pintxos in Bilbao

La Viña del Ensanche

Hundreds of bottles of wine line the walls of this outstanding octogenarian pintxos bar. This could very well be the best place to eat pintxos in the entire city. If you can't decide what to sample, opt for their €3…
Pintxos in Bilbao

Café-Bar Bilbao

Cool blue southern tiles, warm northern atmosphere and superb array of pintxos.
Pintxos in Bilbao

El Globo

This is a popular bar with a terrific range of pintxos modernos, including favourites such as txangurro gratinado (spider crab) and hongos con su crema y crujiente de jamón (mushrooms with crusted ham). Its variety,…
Tapas in Bilbao

Los Candiles

Los Candiles is a narrow, low-key little bar, with some subtle pintxos filled with the taste of the sea.
Basque in Bilbao


An institution that shouldn’t be missed. It specialises in light Basque seafood and heavy inland fare, but for most visitors the snails, sheep brains or squid floating in pools of ink are the makings of a culinary a…
Mediterranean in Bilbao

Larruzz Bilbao

Set on the banks of the Nervión, this incredibly popular restaurant (book ahead) has a polished business exterior and a stone-cottage country interior. Its real speciality is paella, but it also serves various meaty…
Basque in Bilbao

Casa Victor Montes

Part bar, part shop, part restaurant and total work of art, the Victor Montes is quite touristy, but locals also appreciate its over-the-top decoration, good food and the 1000 or so bottles of wine. If you’re stoppi…