euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €80

  • Dorm bed €15–20; hostal (budget hotel) double room €50–70
  • Multicourse menú del día (daily set menu) lunch €10–12

Midrange: €80–200

  • Double room in midrange hotel €75–150
  • Lunch and dinner in decent restaurants €15–20

Top end: More than €200

  • Double room in top-end hotel from €150
  • Fine dining for lunch and dinner €30–180


Haggling over prices is accepted in some markets, and shops may offer a small discount if you’re spending a lot of money. Otherwise expect to pay the stated price.


The most convenient way to bring your money is in the form of a debit or credit card, with some extra cash in case of emergency.


Many credit and debit cards can be used for withdrawing money from cajeros automáticos (ATMs) that display the relevant symbols such as Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus etc. There is usually a charge (around 1.5% to 2%) on ATM cash withdrawals abroad.


Tipping is almost always optional.

  • Restaurants Many Spaniards leave small change, others up to 5%, which is considered generous.
  • Taxis Optional, but most locals round up to the nearest euro.
  • Bars It’s rare to leave a tip in bars (even if the bartender gives you your change on a small dish).