Bermeo restaurants

Basque in Bermeo


Everyone's favourite restaurant in town is this humble-looking, family-run eatery churning out mouth-watering plates of octopus, grilled tuna and skate. The marmitaco (a hearty fish soup) is outstanding. On busy sum…
Basque in Bermeo


In the hills 2km southwest of town, Almiketxu is an elegant but welcoming restaurant that serves up high-quality seafood plates, grilled meats and decadent homemade desserts (including a sheep's milk yogurt with hon…
Basque in Bermeo

Bermeoko Kafe Antzokia

A charming cafe and eatery that serves up a mix of creative and classic pintxos as well as a good-value seafood-minded lunch menu for €12 (€20 on weekends). The building may not be pretty, but the peaceful terrace f…